Health Trainer

Organization and Mission: The Now Exchange (TNE) is a non-profit that is bringing health access and choice to women working in the garment industry. TNE is providing free health trainings to health staff within garment factories, and TNE is also providing free women’s health supplies (starting with contraceptives) to directly benefit women working in garment factories in Bangladesh.

Position Title: Health Trainer

Job Description: The Now Exchange is seeking a lead health trainer who will work in conjunction with the Chief of Health Access in order to conduct training sessions about women’s health services, particularly family planning options and the administration of an injectable contraceptive for women in garment factories.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Work with the Chief of Health Access to develop and modify Family Planning, Sexual and Reproductive Health, and women’s health training materials
  • Lead small group trainings to health clinic staff (nurses and doctors) about women’s health topics (specifically family planning, such as the injectible Sayana Press)
  • Demonstrate ability to administer family planning services to women, and train nurses and doctors on the administration of injectable contraceptives
  • Evaluate trained health personnel and factory workers using competency based learning methods and administered assessments
  • Frequent communication with Chief of Health Access about training feedback and data

Education Requirements:

  • Relevant Bachelor’s degree (Public Health or related field)
  • Desired: Masters Degree in relevant field

Required Experience and Skills:

  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience (3-5 years) working the field of women’s health (specifically SRH and Family Planning)
  • Ability to facilitate small and large group trainings
  • Must be fluent in Bangla and English
  • Passion for women’s health access and choice

Employment Status: Part Time

Duration: Approximately 3 weeks per six months (salary per diem)

Job Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Company Address: The Now Exchange is based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The Health Trainer will be based in Bangladesh and report to management remotely.

How to Apply: Please email your CV to In your email, write a few paragraphs about why you want this position, and any relevant experience that you have.

Deadline to Apply: June 30th, 2019