The Now Exchange facilitates access to health information, discussions and resources for women and girls in Bangladesh.


The Now Exchange was founded in 2019. As a winner and recipient of the D-Prize, its original mission was to provide access to the self-injectable contraceptive, Sayana Press.

After conducting preliminary workshops and surveys at a partnered garment factory in the Gazipur region of Bangladesh, The Now Exchange shifted focus to menstrual hygiene management, more general contraceptive education and broader women’s health education.

The organization was on hiatus between 2020 and early 2022 due to the safety and logistical challenges presented by COVID-19.

Current Focus

The Now Exchange provides health education to women and girls through school and community programs, with a specific focus on climate vulnerable populations in fishing and agricultural regions.

Upcoming Activities

In 2022-2023, The Now Exchange is conducting a pilot project to target the knowledge, attitude and behaviors of women and girls around menstrual hygiene management. This program includes a series of community discussions that will reach 500+ women in Cox’s Bazaar and Dhaka.